2 Mobile Design Tips to Enhance User Experience

With the rise of digital era and mobiles, web design company Singapore have to change their approach. Print has been transformed to digital and designers know new ways for people to interact with. Nowadays, mobile technology has surpassed the computer systems. So, this is how you keep up with the mobile design by paying heed to the following tips to enhance user experience.

  1. Make the most of gestural microinteractions and animations

Mobiles have a smaller screen space and that makes the content and interactive elements stand out and convey their purpose. Microinteractions are tiny bits of usability that let someone take action with immediate feedback. They are quick and intuitive and add movements to flat screens while holding them in our hands. They also add many dynamic elements that act as guide, attract users and lead them to what they need.

  1. Keep it simple

When it comes to designing for mobile, keep it simple. Not boring, but significant and effective. It involves refining the elements so that you have essential elements remaining with you. In other words, eliminating unnecessary items like graphics and busy animations that are useless to user experience. Instead, attractive colors and having white space can be used. You can also make it easily navigable and easy to load.